We are honored to welcome you here.

Incredible Rising is a fine jewelry company empowering women to intentionally celebrate success milestones.

We create the highest quality, 18k gold and black diamond jewelry that reflect the strength and independence of the women who wear our collections.

We are deeply honored to create jewelry for the women that come to IR seeking to celebrate. We'd love to hear more about your story and welcome you to the community as well.


The Story Behind IR

Years ago, when I reached a big career milestone, I was looking for a piece of jewelry to celebrate the occasion but could not find the right one.

The Major Milestone Ring is the exact ring I was looking for. Something bold, different, with black diamonds and gold. Something that made me feel strong when I wore it, and reminded me of what I had accomplished. But I could not find it anywhere.

For many reasons, the major luxury brands didn't seem to understand what I was looking for or what the milestone meant to me.

As I shared my experience with other women, they expressed the same frustration or, worse, hesitated to spend money on themselves to celebrate an accomplishment.

This didn't sit well with me, so when life moved me from San Francisco to Paris, I decided to design the ring I was looking for and create the jewelry brand we needed - a woman founded luxury brand that empowers women to celebrate success milestones.

And that is how Incredible Rising was born. 🖤

The name is in honor of the incredible group of women who encouraged me and empowered me to follow a dream to start this brand - and is also short for: