Hi There,

I am so honored to welcome you here and tell you more about Incredible Rising. I’m Julia Parsons and I founded Incredible Rising to empower women to celebrate success milestones with bold yet classic, expertly designed and crafted fine jewelry that reflects strength and independence.

The idea for IR was born from a personal experience. I reached a major career milestone and was looking for a piece of jewelry to celebrate the occasion, but was disappointed by the brands and designs available.

The Major Milestone Ring is the type of ring I was looking for. Something bold yet classic, with black diamonds and a strong, solid gold design. A ring that made me feel powerful when I wore it and reminded me what I had accomplished, yet was comfortable enough to be worn everyday. I could not find it anywhere.

Instead I found luxury brands that didn't understand what I was looking for or what my success milestone meant to me. As I read more about the history behind the major luxury brands, supporting them felt in conflict with what I was celebrating.

As I shared my experience with other women they expressed the same frustration or worse, they had hesitations around spending money on themselves to celebrate an accomplishment.

So I decided to design the ring myself and created the jewelry brand we wish existed. One that is built from the ground up to empower and celebrate women's success.

I now run Incredible Rising, along with an incredible team of women, from Paris and New York. Each ring is made to order by a team of the best experts we searched for over the course of 2 years until the quality matched our high standards. I could not have built IR without the encouragement from the incredible women in my life who inspired the idea, cheered me on and became my first customers. They mean the world to me and continue to inspire me today. 

Now it is my life's mission to empower women everywhere to set inspiring goals for themselves and celebrate success milestones along the way.

It would be my honor to celebrate your next milestone with you.

You're incredible. Keep rising.


I'd love to hear from you and learn more about your success journey. If you would like to connect please follow @incrediblerising on Instagram and I will send you a DM to say hi!